Scheduled Certifications

If you’re looking to advance your career in the Episerver development world or to gain benefits, like discounts on Episerver Developer Subscriptions, then Episerver Certified Developer (ECD) certification is what you’re looking for. To earn ECD status, you must pass a certification exam for either Episerver CMS or Episerver Commerce.

The best way to prepare for an exam is to practice the skills listed in its knowledge areas:

Hands-on experience with the platform is required to successfully pass Episerver certification exams. Episerver courses are intended to train the skills needed to be successful in the job role, but, because the exam focuses on application of those skills beyond what was taught in the courses, experience or practice in addition to training is strongly recommended prior to taking the exam. Review each skill measured and evaluate your skills against it. Perform the tasks for that skill, note any challenges that you encounter, and then practice until you no longer experience those challenges.


Certification Type



Online Remote Certification 2020-11-12 Available
Remote Certification 2020-11-26 Available
Remote Certification 2020-12-10 Available