Developer Subscription for Episerver CMS

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Please note that if you are a certified Episerver CMS Developer you are entitled to a 75% discount on the CMS Developer subscription. Please contact for more information.

Please note that exam attempts must be purchased separately and are not included in the subscription.


Developer Subscriptions are to maintain and broaden knowledge in your current area of expertise.


This developer subscription is self-paced and includes multiple learning paths and eLearning courses.

The content focuses on developing core and advanced functionality for Episerver CMS solutions, including defining custom content types and templates, handling media, reusing shared content, implementing navigation and indexed search, and optimizing, securing, extending Episerver CMS with gadgets and plug-ins, and deploying websites, both on-premise and in the cloud. All examples, demos and exercises in the course are done using ASP.NET MVC. The course is held on the latest version of Episerver CMS.

Purchase gives access to all included content for 12 months. This includes content added to the developer subscription and updates during this period.


The course is aimed at existing Episerver Certified Developers who would like to refresh their skills and learn the new Episerver CMS features introduced in the last few years. The developer subscriptions includes a Episerver CMS – Certification Exam Preparation course to help you re-certify to maintain your Episerver Certified Developer for Episerver CMS status.

Recommended Prerequisites

We recommend that you have a good understanding of HTML, CSS and C#, and practical experience of web development using ASP.NET MVC 5 or later.


Episerver CMS – Development Fundamentals

  • Getting Started with Episerver CMS
  • Defining Content Types
  • Rendering Content Templates
  • Working with Blocks
  • Navigating Content
  • Working with Episerver Framework
  • Optimizing, Securing, and Deploying

Episerver CMS – Advanced Development

  • Reviewing Episerver CMS Fundamentals
  • Working with Content using APIs
  • Integrating Data
  • Customizing the Experience for Editors
  • Customizing the Experience for Visitors
  • Extending with Plug-ins and Add-ons
  • Integrating Episerver Find
  • Integrating Episerver Social

Episerver – Developing for DXC Service

  • About DXC Service
  • Deploying to DXC Service
  • Development Considerations

Episerver Personalization – Development Fundamentals

  • Understanding Episerver DX Platform Personalization
  • Implementing Individualized Content
  • Implementing Experience-Driven Commerce

Episerver CMS - Certification Exam Preparation

  • Exam Overview
  • Practice Exam with 140+ questions
  • Exam Study Guide

Episerver Site Security Checklist