Episerver CMS - Advanced Development

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This cookbook-style training course is a deep dive into development with Episerver CMS with focus on reviewing the fundamentals and then customizing and extending the Episerver platform following recommended good practice. You will learn how to use APIs for taking control of content approvals, user notifications, and key performance indicators, you will integrate data with partial routers and a combination of scheduled jobs and system-level content events, and you will integrate Episerver Find and Episerver Social microservices to build advanced features into your websites.


Over 15 hours of instructor video plus exercises. Allow 3 to 4 days total to complete the training, but you can start and stop whenever you need to.


The course is aimed at developers who would like to customize and extend the built-in features of Episerver CMS.


  • Experience with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or later, ASP.NET MVC, and web front end technologies.
  • Experience with Episerver CMS equivalent to our Episerver CMS – Development Fundamentals training course.


  • Reviewing Episerver CMS Fundamentals
  • Working with Content using APIs
  • Integrating Data
  • Customizing the Experience for Editors
  • Customizing the Experience for Visitors
  • Extending with Plug-ins and Add-ons
  • Integrating Episerver Find
  • Integrating Episerver Social


After enrollment, you will have 30 days access to the course materials. You can start and stop the course as often as you like, and also launch the course multiple times.