Episerver Commerce Development Fundamentals

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The Episerver Commerce Development Fundamentals self-paced eLearning course shows how to develop functionality for our eCommerce platform. It consists of a series of instructor recordings, demonstrations, and exercises.

The course focuses on core functionality in the latest major version of Episerver Commerce. You will learn how to work with the different parts of Episerver Commerce, and after the course you should be able to build your first e-commerce solution from scratch. The course combines theory with exercises and covers the entire shopping flow from beginning to end. This three-day course will give you the fundamentals of store management and you will learn how to create a catalog with products, show them on a site and apply add-to-cart functionality. You will also learn how to build a simple checkout using create built in payment and shipment methods.

All examples, demos and exercises are done using ASP.NET MVC.

Upon completion of this course, the next step would be the “Episerver Commerce - Advanced Development” course that expands on what is touched upon in the fundamentals course and adds knowledge about additional functions and parts of the API.


Over 16 hours of instructor video plus exercises.  Allow 3 to 4 days total to complete the training, but you can start and stop whenever you need to.


The course is aimed at developers who would like to learn more about developing core functionality in Episerver CMS solutions.


We recommend that you have a good understanding of HTML, CSS and C#, and practical experience of web development using ASP.NET MVC 5 or later.


  • Architecture overview
  • Episerver CMS & Commerce
  • How to install a site and create a new project
  • Catalog management
  • Products, variants, SKUs and templates
  • Manage the cart
  • Creating a checkout
  • Shipment methods
  • Payments methods
  • Pricing
  • Order management
  • Workflows
  • Search


After enrollment, you will have 30 days access to the course materials. You can start and stop the course as often as you like, and also launch the course multiple times.