Getting Started Developing with Episerver DX Platform

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This guided tour of Episerver’s Digital Experience (DX) Platform will get you started developing fast! 

You will learn how to install and configure Episerver website projects for CMS and Commerce, how to install add-ons like Episerver Forms, Episerver A/B Testing, and Episerver Find, and how to integrate with cloud services like Episerver Advance and Episerver Perform to provide content and product recommendations based on your visitors’ tracked behavior. As you learn practical skills you will be introduced to key concepts and good practice. 

After you’ve got started developing using this course, you should then sign up for one of our Developer Subscriptions to continue your learning in depth. Our Developer Subscriptions have more than ten times as much content as this Getting Started Developing course.

 All demonstration exercises are completed using the latest version of Episerver DX Platform on ASP.NET MVC using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.


Over four hours of instructor video plus hands-on exercises. Allow at least one day to complete the training but you can start and stop whenever you need to.


The course is aimed at .NET developers who would like to learn how to efficiently get started developing for the products and services in Episerver DX Platform.


We recommend that you have a good understanding of C# and practical experience of web development using ASP.NET MVC.


  • Getting Started with Episerver DX Platform
  • Defining Content Types and Rendering Templates
  • Implementing Episerver Framework Components
  • Integrating Cloud Services
  • Deploying Episerver Websites


After enrolment you will have 6 months access to the course materials. You can start and stop the course as often as you like and also launch the course multiple times.