Episerver Campaign for Editors

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In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Episerver Campaign. It introduces users to the environment along with showing best practice approaches in creating and managing marketing campaigns. The course shows for example how you can deliver individualized content by generating ‘Smart Campaigns’, through to A/B Testing and reports. You will also get to know the marketing automation, which makes it possible to build multi-level complex campaigns. Also orchestrate your recipients with ‘recipient lists’ and ‘target groups’. Also covered in this course is the use of the Template Kit and how to create a newsletter layout from scratch using it. This is a great course to get up to speed with Episerver Campaign in a short period of time.


Upon completion attendees will be able to confidently manage recipients, send target group based personalized newsletters, build complex campaigns with the Marketing Automation, and create their own reports.

DURATION: Allow 4 to 6 hours to complete the training.

  • Episerver Campaign demo
  • Login and Getting Started
  • Recipients
  • Target Groups
  • Smart Campaigns
  • A/B Test
  • Click profiles
  • Marketing Automation
  • Visual link analysis
  • Deep Analytics and Reports
  • Recipient history
  • Template Kit: Getting Started
  • Template Kit: General Settings
  • Template Kit: Creating the Header and Footer areas
  • Template Kit: Adding paragraphs


After enrollment, you will have 30 days access to the course materials. You can start and stop the course as often as you like, and also launch the course multiple times.