Episerver CMS - Advanced Editing (ILT)

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This is the classroom version of CMS Advanced Editing.

For current sessions click on the following link: Current Available Sessions

Please note that you reserve a seat after purchase of the course and the link only shows available sessions.

The advanced course is for editors who have mastered the basic skills of content creation and who want to learn to use more of the advanced capabilities Episerver provides for business users.

This course continues where the Basic Editing course ended. Students will learn to create and implement HTML web forms, improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO), leverage personalized content using visitor groups, implement A/B testing and more.

DURATION: 1 day 


  • Creating and implementing web forms
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Using the Google Analytics add-on
  • Creating and implementing A/B testing
  • Using Visitor Groups to serve up personalized content
  • Using the Social Reach add-on to improve awareness


Have attended the Basic Editing course or have been using Episerver to create content for a minimum of 9 months.