Episerver Commerce - Advanced Development (ILT)

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This is the classroom version of Commerce - Advanced Development

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This course is the natural next step after the Fundamentals course. It applies to developers that will be working with e-commerce related tasks such as richer catalog modeling, further options for the included search provider model and provider-based possibilities for payments and shipments. The course also discusses inventory management and possibilities for pricing rules. Related and unrelated data structures will be discussed for various extensions of the system. This course further highlights the abilities of our platform and how to create a feature rich and automated website. More isolated topics will be shown in each module, and how to connect different parts of the platform.

DURATION: 3 days


  • Advanced catalog concepts and the use of Packages and bundles
  • Using the catalog API for relations and associations
  • Catalog and system-wide search options
  • How markets segment the system
  • Pricing API, Pricing services and taxes
  • Order system APIs and possibilities
  • Business Foundation API
  • Custom payment and shipment providers and integration with Commerce Manager
  • Commerce specific caching
  • Episerver Service API for Commerce
  • Custom campaign and promotion options