Episerver Commerce - Development Fundamentals (ILT)

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This is the classroom version of Commerce - Development Fundamentals

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The Commerce Development Fundamentals course focuses on developing core functionality for eCommerce solutions built on the Episerver platform.

In this step by step course you will learn how to work with the different parts of Episerver Commerce and after the course you should be able to build your first basic e-commerce solution from scratch. The course combines theory with exercises and covers the entire shopping flow from beginning to end. This three-day course will give you the fundamentals of coding for an eCommerce site and store management. You will learn how to create a catalog with products, show them on a site and apply add-to-cart functionality. You will learn how to build a basic checkout sequence with the elements needed. The provider model for payment and shipment methods will also be covered.

The course is held on the latest version of Episerver Commerce. All examples, demos and exercises are done using ASP.NET MVC.

DURATION: 3 days


  • Architecture overview
  • Episerver CMS with Commerce added
  • How to install a site and create a new solution
  • Catalog management and pricing
  • Models for products, variations and categories
  • Cart management, validation and calculations
  • Creating a checkout sequence with payments and shipment methods
  • Order and customer management
  • Search options and the included provider model
  • Campaigns and promotions