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Episerver Education updates June 2020

The May 2020 update to the Episerver CMS - Development Fundamentals course includes the following improvements:


  • Introduction: Added a slide about the webinars and a link to the recordings.
  • Module A: Added a link to the new Episerver Content Recommendations User Guide.
  • Module D: In Exercise D4, the TeaserBlockController code has been simplified using inheritance.
  • Module F: Added a note about two scheduled jobs that should be considered legacy and a note about how to keep a scheduled job alive using IIS settings.
  • Module F: Added a topic about Episerver Content Delivery API.


Episerver Education updates April 3rd

Episerver CMS – Certification Exam Preparation course included with Developer Subscription for Episerver CMS and Developer Subscription Plus for Episerver CMS has been updated with information about the Episerver CMS 11 – 2020 update exam that is now available to take to earn Episerver Certified Developer status for Episerver CMS.

The Episerver CMS 11 – 2020 update exam has more than 20% new items that have been approved by internal product team experts.

When you book a Remote Certification exam all you have done is book a day to take any of our exams. You select the actual exam that you want to take on the day itself. You will see a list of exams, as shown in the following screenshot:


If you want to take the old exam, you can select Episerver CMS 11. If you want to take the updated exam, you should select Episerver CMS 11 - 2020 update. The Episerver CMS 11 exam will retire on 1st July 2020.

The knowledge areas covered by Episerver CMS 11 - 2020 update include a few additions like TinyMCE integration 2.x, new UI branding and navigation, and Episerver Content Delivery API. There are also new items for older APIs that have been around for a while and are still important.

Click here for a PDF with knowledge areas and more information

Active Episerver Certified Developers get a 75% discount on the relevant Developer Subscription, so the cost is reduced from $2000 to $500 for 12-months access to dozens of hours of learning materials. And if that developer also works for a Gold or Platinum Partner then they get a free exam attempt too!


Episerver Education updates February 7th

  • New course: Introduction to Episerver Education for Developers

    • This course is a prerequisite for all developer courses, delivered through eLearning or instructor-led in a classroom or remotely online. In this short course, you will learn the software requirements for developing Episerver solutions, the cloud service account requirements needed for some products and features, and where to get more information. You will be introduced to learning paths for developers, learn about Episerver Partners and their benefits, and how to install and update Episerver solutions.
  • Updated course: Episerver Content Cloud – Development Fundamentals

    • This course is the updated Episerver CMS – Development Fundamentals and includes a topic about the new Episerver Content Recommendations feature provided by Idio. It has also had all links in the course book and exercise book checked and updated if necessary.