Episerver CMS Business User Program

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Program Description

This is a self-paced/on-demand eLearning program that includes five eLearning courses and up to three hours of online Instructor-led Coaching (ILC) sessions with an experienced instructor.

The ILC is comprised of an On-Boarding session, several scheduled coaching sessions to review progress, and an Off-Boarding session.

During the On-Boarding session you and your designated coach will discuss the program and decide on a custom schedule based on your experience and time available to dedicate to the program.

Each of the eLearning courses contains modules to complete (including slides & audio), brief quizzes, demonstrations, and references to extra materials for self-study. ILC session can be scheduled in either 30 or 60-minute sessions for a half-course or for a full course. During the online ILC sessions there will be opportunities for open Q&A as well as pre-defined questions that your coach will ask you to check your progress.

Purchase gives access to all included content for 6 months. This includes content added to the program and updates during this period.


The CMS Business User Program is aimed at

  • Content Authors/Publishers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Application Administrators

Any business user whose needs to use either the Episerver Editor or Administrator User Interface.

Recommended Prerequisites

No prior knowledge or experience is required, just a willingness to learn and a positive attitude.


Episerver CMS – Basic Editing

  • Getting Started with Episerver CMS (Editor User Interface)
  • Content types (pages, blocks/forms, assets
  • Roles (Developer, Edit/Approver, Administrator, Visitor/Member
  • Creating/modifying website content (pages/blocks)
  • Publishing content
  • Hyperlinks
  • Uploading image/files\
  • Preview, compare, reorganize content
  • Gadgets, reports
  • Managing multiple languages

Episerver CMS – Advanced Editing

  • Web forms
  • Improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Monitoring page/site traffic with Google Analytics
  • Optimizing conversion rates with A/B testing
  • Visitor groups
  • Content personalization
  • Promoting content through social channels

Episerver CMS – Find for Editors

  • Introduction to Episerver Find and Search Engines
  • Ranking and weighting settings
  • Features of Episerver Find
  • Synonyms and best bets
  • Language support
  • Presentation of search pages
  • Faceting and categorization
  • Search-driven navigation
  • Dynamic landing pages
  • Search statistic reports
  • Indexing reports and troubleshooting

Episerver Personalization

  • Personalization products & services, terms
  • Rules-based personalization
  • Integration choices
  • Tracking & regulations
  • Visitor profiles
  • Visualizing visitor journeys & profiles
  • Personalization using profile segments
  • Getting content recommendations
  • Experience-driven commerce
  • Product feed, recommendations
  • Reporting & attribution model
  • Email – sending recommendations, triggering
  • Omni-channel tracking & recommendations

Episerver CMS – Administrator

  • Getting Started
  • Managing groups and users
  • Managing access rights (permissions)
  • Defining approval processes (review)
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Visitor Groups
  • Managing websites and languages
  • Customization and configuration