Episerver Business User Program for Content Cloud

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Program Description

This is a self-paced/on-demand eLearning program that includes five eLearning courses and up to 90 minutes of online Instructor-led Coaching (ILC) sessions with an experienced instructor.

The ILC is comprised of an On-Boarding session, several scheduled coaching sessions to review progress, and an Off-Boarding session.

During the On-Boarding session you and your designated coach will discuss the program and decide on a custom schedule based on your experience and time available to dedicate to the program.

Each of the eLearning courses contains modules to complete (including slides & audio), brief quizzes, demonstrations, and references to extra materials for self-study. ILC session can be scheduled in either 30 or 60-minute sessions for a half-course or for a full course. During the online ILC sessions there will be opportunities for open Q&A as well as pre-defined questions that your coach will ask you to check your progress.

Purchase gives access to all included content for 12 months. This includes content added to the program and updates during this period.


The Business User Program for Individualized Content is aimed at

  • Content Authors/Publishers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Application Administrators

Any business user who needs to use either the Episerver Editor or Administrator User Interface.

Recommended Prerequisites

No prior knowledge or experience is required, just a willingness to learn and a positive attitude.


Episerver CMS – Basic Editing

  • Getting Started
  • Creating website content
  • Managing and organizing content
  • Working with blocks and reusing content
  • Working with projects
  • Reporting
  • Managing multiple languages

Episerver CMS – Advanced Editing

  • Web forms
  • Improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Monitoring page/site traffic with Google Analytics
  • Optimizing conversion rates with A/B testing
  • Visitor groups
  • Content personalization
  • Promoting content through social channels

Episerver CMS – Find for Editors

  • Introduction to Episerver Find and Search Engines
  • Ranking and weighting settings
  • Features of Episerver Find
  • Synonyms and best bets
  • Language support
  • Presentation of search pages
  • Faceting and categorization
  • Search-driven navigation
  • Dynamic landing pages
  • Search statistic reports
  • Indexing reports and troubleshooting

Introduction to Episerver Personalization

  • Personalization products & services, terms
  • Rules-based personalization
  • Integration choices
  • Tracking & regulations
  • Visitor profiles
  • Visualizing visitor journeys & profiles
  • Personalization using profile segments
  • Getting content recommendations
  • Experience-driven commerce
  • Product feed, recommendations
  • Reporting & attribution model
  • Email – sending recommendations, triggering
  • Omni-channel tracking & recommendations

Episerver CMS – Administrator

  • Getting Started
  • Managing groups and users
  • Managing access rights (permissions)
  • Defining approval processes (review)
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Visitor Groups
  • Managing websites and languages
  • Customization and configuration

Introduction to Episerver DXC Service

  • Understanding Episerver DXC Service
  • Understanding Operations
  • Deploying to DXC Service
  • Optimizing Websites for DXC Service