Episerver Commerce - Developer Bootcamp (ILT)

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This is the classroom course Episerver Commerce - Developer Bootcamp

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This 5-day course focuses on developing both fundamental and advanced functionality for Episerver Commerce-based solutions.

The course material used for this course is from the Fundamentals and Advanced Commerce courses. However, topics from the two courses are moved around slightly as it is a combination of two 3-day courses instead of two stand-alone courses. The certification exam is in also in focus and this will give that a few topics are more swiftly dealt with. This course will also provide more information regarding the certification exam.

The certification test for Commerce is not easy to pass. To get the required cut-off score at the certification exam you need to study outside course hours, especially if you’re new to the product. There is a lot to learn as Commerce is a broad product with many different areas and functions. The Commerce Boot-Camp course will provide a lot of information about the product, and that require digestion.

The course combines theory with exercises and covers the entire shopping flow from beginning to end. You will learn how to create a catalog with products, show them on a site and apply add-to-cart functionality. You will also learn how to build a straight forward checkout sequence including a discussion about order fulfilment.

The course also shows more advanced catalog concepts, like the use of packages, bundles, dictionaries, and associations. Along with discussions regarding options for catalog search, the pricing model, taxes, Business Foundation, and integration with various systems, you will be well prepared for using the whole e-commerce platform.

All examples, demos and exercises in the course are done using ASP.NET MVC and the current major version of Episerver Commerce.

DURATION: 5 days


  • Architectural overview
  • Episerver CMS with Commerce added
  • How to install a site and create a new solution
  • Catalog management, pricing API, Pricing services and taxes
  • Advanced catalog concepts and the use of packages, bundles, relations and associations
  • Cart management, validation and calculations
  • Creating a checkout sequence with payments and shipment methods
  • Order and customer management
  • Search options and the included provider model
  • Catalog and system-wide search options
  • How markets segment the system
  • Business Foundation API
  • Custom payment and shipment providers and integration with Commerce Manager
  • Commerce specific caching
  • Episerver Service API for Commerce
  • Custom campaign and promotion options